This Friday night as my family and I were getting ready to enjoy the fireworks, my daughter whispers the dreaded phrase, “I need to go to the bathroom”. As I look around, I notice only porta potties and realize this may pose a problem.

I do not do porta potties. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a neat freak. I deal with urine, feces and all sorts of unmentionables on a daily basis. Often times it is all over my clothes and I could care less. I cannot pinpoint when my aversion to porta potties started. As a child I would readily use them, while as a young adult I would not seek them out unless they were necessary at a festive event. Now, barring an emergency I just won’t. Period. End of story.

Many cats are just like me. They prefer clean places to eliminate. The thought of going into a dirty litter box sends them right to your favorite rug. They don’t want to navigate through the mine field that is a dirty litter box. In addition, if you have a cover on your litter box to control the smell, you have just made a smelly porta potty for cats! Your cat may start out like my daughter, willing to use any place to eliminate. Over time however, they like their litter box to be clean. They will start to seek out new and non-smelly places to relieve themselves.

On the contrary, your cat may be like my husband: he does not care. No matter how dirty the litter box, they will always use it. Or, your kitten may be like my daughter who just doesn’t know any better. Unless your cat is like me, lovable, friendly, a little bit fussy! Here are some helpful litter box tips to keep them happy!

  1. Scoop the poop (and urine) daily and fully clean the litter box weekly
  2. No covers!
  3. Don’t use liners…I am not sure why, but cats do not like them
  4. Put at least one litter box on each floor of the house (hey I am lazy too!)
  5. One litter box for each cat plus one extra (we all need our personal space)
  6. Most cats like sandy litter with no added scents (no one likes the person who wears too much perfume)
  7. Choose a quiet place that has privacy (who doesn’t like this)

Grey-Cat.001In case you are wondering how my Friday ended, my husband took Harper to the porta potty. Aside from that, we still enjoyed the Fourth of July fireworks, cotton candy, and family time. As for myself, I visited my own clean litter box right when I got home. Now that is a happy ending.