Here at Healthy Paws Veterinary Clinic we believe in the importance of an annual wellness examination in addition to protecting your pet from disease with vaccinations. Vaccination recommendations are tailored to your individual pet’s lifestyle. We recommend you bring in a fresh stool sample to check for intestinal parasites at the time of your pet’s annual wellness examination. Intestinal parasites are very common and can be transmitted to you and your children therefore checking the stool for parasites and routine deworming is very important. We offer flea and tick identification and recommend continuous control with topical preventatives. In addition to our preventative health we provide:

  • Behavior and nutritional consulting
  • Senior health care
  • Puppy and kitten consulting
  • Puppy kindergarten
  • Home Again microchip identification
Reaching their Golden Years

Reaching their Golden Years

As pets start to reach their golden years, between 7-10 years depending on the breed, it is even more important for them to receive yorkie haircuts one or ideally two times a year . The exam provides valuable information about your pet’s health by examining all...

Urinary or Fecal Incontinence

As pets age, there are many conditions or diseases that can become more common, such as arthritis or kidney disease. One issue that can become particularly frustrating for owners and place a strain on the human pet bond is incontinence, either urinary or fecal....

Heartworm Disease and Prevention

As spring begins and temperatures begin to rise, it is important that we discuss heartworm disease. But what exactly is heartworm disease, and why does your dog need medication to prevent it? What is the big deal, anyways? This article will help clarify what heartworm...

Feeding Multi-Pet Households

Having multiple pets can be a very rewarding experience. However, it can definitely have its challenges. Finding time to provide each pet with an appropriate amount of play time and exercise as well as handling intra-household behavioral issues are just some of the...

Porta Potties and Litter Boxes

This Friday night as my family and I were getting ready to enjoy the fireworks, my daughter whispers the dreaded phrase, "I need to go to the bathroom". As I look around, I notice only porta potties and realize this may pose a problem. I do not do porta potties. Now...