Surgical and Anesthesia Services

Surgery.001Yes, it’s true that our surgery suite is State of the Art and equipped with some of the most modern and sophisticated surgery equipment around. Yes, it’s true that we use human grade anesthesia and have human grade monitoring equipment to ensure that patients are well throughout the surgery. What makes Healthy Paws truly stand out is our attention to our surgery protocols, training and attention to the animal’s complete well-being.

We never put patients under anesthesia unless we’ve fully reviewed their health and understand how they will do when they are sedated. We modify the anesthetic medications specific to each animal and we make sure that we have the correct doses of any reversal or emergency medications already calculated in the rare event of an emergency.

Every patient that is admitted to our practice is made to feel safe and loved. Sounds corny, but it’s true. Patients that are stress free require less anesthesia and recover and heal faster. Good medicine isn’t just about being smart veterinarians; it’s about being loving veterinarians and technicians.

We have team members whose sole responsibility is to monitor patients every minute they are under anesthesia and afterwards when they are in our recovery area. In fact, we check a patient’s temperature every five minutes after they’ve finished surgery until their body temperature returns to normal and we are convinced they are fully and safely recovered. Again, the risk of anything happening to pets in any of the surgeries that we do is extremely low; still we feel it’s our obligation to limit every risk as best as we can.

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