Pharmacy and Affordable Flea Heartworm Medications

It’s our Mission to be the sole health care provider for your pet.  That’s why we have both an in-house and online veterinary pharmacy that can fill every medical script your pet requires.

Any client that wants a written prescription for their pet’s medication so that they can take it to their local Wal-Mart or Target is welcome to have one, but why would you want it?  We have complete oversight on all of the medications that we stock in our pharmacies. Every drug that we carry is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer, something that no other non-veterinary pharmacist can offer.

Online stores often sell short dated drugs (hyperlink) or diverted medications (hyperlink), but not ours.  Our pharmacies are competitively priced, fully guaranteed, and every drug that’s sold through them is safe and legitimately acquired.  Frankly, our inhouse and online pharmacies are the safest source for veterinary prescription drugs that we know of.

Please talk to us if you believe another non-veterinary vendor can offer you medications for your pet more affordably or medications that are safer than the ones we offer, including any flea or heartworm medications

As we stated at the beginning of this page, we want to be your pet’s sole veterinary healthy care provider.  We’d like to be informed of any time when you believe there is another source for veterinary medication that is more committed to your pet and its safety and wellbeing.  We have trained most of our adult lives to do what we do and it’s our conviction that no one can surpass the dedication that we bring to the job of veterinary service and care.

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