Is my pet too fat?

Obesity in America isn’t just a people problem, many of the pets that we see are also overweight.  It’s not uncommon for our clients to ask us, ‘is my pet too fat?’

Obesity in pets causes a lot of the same problems it causes in people as well as a few more issues that tend to be very serious.  Dachshunds with weight issues can develop extremely debilitating back problems.  Very large breed and small breed dogs that are predisposed to knee injuries are much more likely to experience this problem if they are overweight.  For a list of dogs and cats that can be predisposed to weight gain, click here.

At Healthy Paws, we’ll evaluate your pet’s predisposition for weight gain during it’s very first pet visit and put him or her on a diet designed to keep them optimally healthy and slim.

If your pet is currently overweight, we’ll do an evaluation and give you a treatment plan that will help them to lose weight safely and permanently over time.

By the way, it’s very important that if you cat is overweight, that you NOT try to put them on a diet by yourself.  Cats can get very sick if they take weight off too quickly.  If your cat ever experiences a time when it is not eating or if it is obese and needs to lose weight, call us so we can help .


7 year old Spayed Female Rottweiler

November 13th 2014: Weight: 102   Body Score 8/9


3 year old Male Neutered Domestic Short Hair

11-13-14: Starting Weight: 15.25 pounds Body Score: 8/9

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