Permanent Identification and Microchipping

One of the best things any pet owner can do for their pet is to permanently identify them using a microchip.  Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and are inserted safely under the skin where they remain for the lifetime of the pet.  Unlike a collar, it can never be lost or pulled away from.  If your pet goes missing, this tiny, life-saving device goes with it.

Contrary to what most people believe, a microchip doesn’t give off a signal.  It’s simply a an inert bit of plastic and metal , no bigger than the tip of pencil,  that remains unreactive under the skin.   When a special device is waved over the pet, the chip is ‘read’ and the pet’s unique, trackable identification number is revealed.

Nearly every shelter in the US and many in other countries, possess the special readers that can identify a microchip in animals.  Once pets are ‘scanned’, their microchip numbers are entered into a database and the animals identity and most importantly, their owner’s contact information, are instantly revealed.

Thousands of pets, that owners never believed would go missing, have been safely reunited with their loving families thanks to microchips.

The company that we use for our permanent identification is called Home Again.  You can click on this link for more information about the product, but we love it for three important reasons.

  1. Pets that are microchiped with a a home again chip receive 1 year free registration for their pe
  2. If a pet is found over 500 miles away from home, they will cover up to $500 in travel assistance to fly your pet home.

Microchipping is affordable, extremely safe, and very worthwhile.  Please contact us for more information on the best time to have your pet permanently identified.

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