Radiology & Ultrasound



Digital radiography means that x-ray images of your pet can be instantly viewed by veterinarians. This is extremely important. In addition to a picture quality that is exponentially better than traditional radiography, digital radiography means that your pet has to hold still for less time while we are taking the image. This significantly limits your pet’s stress and its exposure to x-rays. At the touch of a button, we are able to send radiographs to a specialist for review, adding in a new level of service for our clients. Digital radiography is essential to the highest standards of care and we are happy to have it at our practice for our valued patients and clients.


An ultrasound is used to further evaluate the abdominal cavity. It provides more details of organs than a radiograph can. Ultrasounds are performed for many reasons including abnormalities found on bloodwork, weight loss, urination problems, cancer staging, pregnancy and fluid in abdomen. Like the radiographs, we are able to send images to a specialist for review to provide more comprehensive care for your pet.

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