Veterinary Dentistry

Dentistry.001If your pet is more than 2 years old, it’s very likely that it has some degree of dental disease in its mouth.  Dental disease is much more serious than bad breath, it’s actually an active infection…that’s what causes the smell.  The longer this infection is allowed to persist, the worse the side effects of dental disease become.  Pets with dental disease have:

  • Red Gums
  • Active bacterial infections below the gum line and generally throughout the mouth
  • Erosion of the teeth and the bone holding the teeth
  • Loose, painful teeth
  • Infected tooth pockets with pus

Can you imagine how awful you would start to feel if you skipped brushing your teeth for a few months or years?  Do you think that your mouth would become infected after awhile?  Do you think that the taste of blood, pus and the throbbing pain would change the way you ate?  The way you felt?

There are dogs and cats that we see with very advanced dental disease. Hyperlink to chart of disease Sometimes they come to us with teeth so infected, that we can simply pull them out of their jaws with our fingers.  These pets are often tired, inappetant, and feeling lousy.  We have to do expensive dental operations on them that can last hours.  They wake up in pain and frequently missing most, if not all, of their teeth.

In all good consciousness, we can’t be an advocate for your pet’s health without strongly emphasizing the need for preventative dentistry.  We have preventative dental packages that incentivize our clients to have regular dental cleanings for their pet; that are safe, affordable and best of all, that keep dogs and cats feeling good and eating well their whole lives.

Our dental technicians and veterinarians are thoroughly trained on how to clean pet’s teeth efficiently and thoroughly.  We have a specialized dental x-ray machine that allows us to look below the gum line, just like your dentist does, to ensure that we are not missing any disease lurking below the point where we can see.

Our dental cleanings are done according to the strict safety guidelines of the American Veterinary Dental Society hyperlink.  Every patient receives an individualized anesthetic plan and our thorough anesthetic monitoring and recovery services.

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