How to Keep Your Pet Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Our pets mean the world to us! The Doctors and Staff at Healthy Paws want to help you find an affordable, safe, and pain free way to keep your pet healthier, longer. At Healthy Paws Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of health screens to address the specific needs of your pet and to ensure that we catch age-related health issues at their earliest stages, when they are most easily and affordably treated.

Did you know that we can…

  • Use non-invasive diagnostics that screen for your pet’s senior health problems BEFORE they become a problem?
  • Track your pet’s health over many years to look for long-term trends that might indicate the onset of illness?
  • Offer screens specific for your pet’s breed and age?
  • Consult with veterinarians who specialize in internal medicine about the results of your pet’s wellness screens?
  • Offer preventative screens as part of the annual wellness visit as a way of keeping costs low?
  • Talk to you about veterinary pet insurance companies that can assist with paying for preventative screens?
  • And best of all… make sure your pet always feels safe and loved during any wellness visit to our veterinary practice.

Thank you for choosing our practice.  We look forward to teaching you how to keep your pet living longer.  Please take a moment a look at some of the articles we have on our blog  about pet wellness.  You can also take this hyperlink directly to our appointment scheduler and take the first step in finding out how to keep your pet living longer and happier.

How Healthy Paws puts SERVICE (and CARE) into all of our Services

Nearly all veterinary practices offer diagnostic services, anesthesia and surgery, radiology, and emergency care, but read on to see how Healthy Paws puts service and care into all of these services.  Here’s what we mean.

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Surgery & Anesthesia

Yes, it’s true that our surgery suite is State of the Art and equipped with some of the most modern and sophisticated surgery equipment around.

Radiology & Ultrasound

In 2012, Healthy Paws acquired a digital radiograph machine.


EKG’s give us a painless, non-invasive, stress -ree way to ensure your pet’s heart is functioning properly.

Permanent Identification and Microchipping

One of the best things any pet owner can do for their pet is to permanently identify them using a microchip.


One of these days, human medical facilities will offer the same convenience to people that we currently offer dogs and cats.

Veterinary Dentistry for Your Pet

If your pet is more than 2 years old, it’s very likely that it has some degree of dental disease in it’s mouth.


Affordable Heartworm and Flea/Tick Prevention … It’s our Mission to be the sole health care provider for your pet.

Is my pet too fat?

Obesity in America isn’t just a people problem, many of the pets that we see are also overweight.

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